How Will An Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer Add Value To A Lab?

When it comes to sophisticated testing equipment, such as genetic analyzers, there are only a small number of companies that manufacture equipment that has a long track record of reliability and accuracy. Within this group of possible brands to consider, Applied Biosystems is one of the most recognized.

Any Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer model has a proven track record of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Equipment from the manufacturer used in a wide range of different testing facilities around the world. As part of the Thermo Fisher group of companies, Applied Biosystems is a brand that is marketed internationally to labs of all types and sizes. With this type of performance record, it provides significant benefits to any testing facility.

Variety of Models

There are a variety of Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer models to choose. Different sizes and capacities are ideal for small to large labs where occasional testing, or large testing volumes, will be a factor to consider.

The flexibility and versatility of the models is also a benefit of the Applied Biosystems equipment. There are options to add features to expand testing capacity or to even allow for increased automation of testing with the larger units that may be needed for almost continual use.

Testing Speed

As a practical benefit to adding an Applied Biosystems genetic analyzer, testing times through rapid cycle times will decrease the duration needed for any specific testing requirement. The systems are also intuitive to use, which make them easy to integrate into labs.

The benefit to the lab with this feature is there is a possibility to run through more sequencing processes in the same amount of time. With speed is also additional built-in processes and features that allow full control and precise data capture for highly precise testing results.

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