Adding A Used Hemotology Analyzer To Your Lab

Adding a hematology analyzer to a lab or replacing an existing machine with one that offers more testing options can greatly expand the services of a lab. For some labs, the upgrade to a refurbished or like-new used hematology analyzer can dramatically increase the number of samples processed per day, which increases lab efficiency and allows for greater capacity.

Most of the newer models of hematology analyzers can complete all types of blood tests required for analysis and diagnostic requirements. This includes coagulation testing, complete and full blood counts, white blood cell counts and reticulocyte analysis.

Automated Advantages

One of the common reasons to upgrade to a newer model of used hematology analyzer is to increase automation in a laboratory. These automated systems process sample more rapidly than human operators, plus they are more accurate with full compliance with all testing requirements.
Additionally, all data is transferred automatically to patient records and databases. There is no risk of human error with sample identification, reporting or errors in data recording and entry.

Size Considerations

As technology evolves, the size of the newer models of used hematology analyzer has decreased. Today, the systems are incredibly compact and have a very small footprint in a lab, ideal even for smaller spaces.

Coupling this with the ability to complete hundreds of test an hour, some devices completing multiple tests at the same time, provides much more efficiency without taking up additional space.

Often replacing old, bulky equipment with the streamlined new models provides additional much-needed space in a lab or even in a clinical setting to accommodate other equipment and devices.

As with any used medical equipment, always check the warranty, buy from an established company with a top reputation and compare prices for the best deals. Remember, used equipment dealers can even arrange to purchase your existing equipment, helping to offset the cost of the already low used equipment price.

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