Should You Hire A Social Security Lawyer?

Every claim for Social Security disability is different and is assessed on its own merits. It is in your best interest to hire a knowledgeable Chicago Social Security lawyer to help and guide you through the complex process. There are two different benefits available, both with their specifics, and each addresses different claimants. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is one; SSI (Supplementary Security Income) is the other.

It is not mandatory that a claimant engage the professional services of a lawyer. Claimants are free to pursue their claim unaided. However, there is ample proof that an applicant who is about to appeal a denial of his or her claim has a far better chance of success when represented. Having a lawyer can tip the scales in favor of the claimant.

It can be helpful to discuss your situation with a lawyer before claiming, but the greatest majority of people wait to see the outcome of their claim. It is when they are denied benefits and the case are headed to appeal that most people hire a Chicago Social Security lawyer. You are given a 60-day window in which to file your appeal; if you miss the date, you will have to make a new claim which only takes up valuable time.

The benefits of hiring a Social Security lawyer:

The first step in the appeals process is a request for consideration; as little or nothing has changed, the chances of having the decision overturned are small. The best chance of approval comes once you have an opportunity to present your case to an administrative law judge.

Your lawyer will make sure that everything that can be done, is done, in advance of the hearing:

  • All pertinent medical records will be submitted on time
  • Your lawyer will get the opinion of your physician
  • You will be tutored in advance of the hearing; your lawyer will prepare you to answer questions that the ALJ is expected to ask, and
  • Your lawyer will question any vocational or medical experts brought in to the hearing by the SSA.

As disability cases are heard close to your home, your Chicago Social Security lawyer will likely be familiar with the ALJ. The hearing can often be adjusted to suit the approach normally taken by the judge.

If you are disabled and claiming benefits, you should consider the importance of hiring a Chicago Social Security lawyer. To discuss your case in detail, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

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