When To Consider Emergency Vets In Wicker Park

Do you know where the hospitals are in your area? Chances are, you made sure to figure out the best or fastest route when you moved into the town because you knew there could come a time when you’d need them. If you have a pet, the best time to look for emergency vets in Wicker Park is before you require their services. Otherwise, your pet could lose valuable time while you search for a place to go.

It’s Never Wrong

In most cases, emergencies present themselves at the worst time but they do leave clues and signs that something is wrong. However, there may be times where you notice your pet is acting differently, even if it doesn’t seem bad. Anytime you are worried about your pet, it is time to consider emergency vets in Wicker Park. It’s always best to not need the veterinarian than to need them and not call.

Specific Emergencies

There may be noticeable times when your pet is in crisis mode. For example, if you can’t feel a heartbeat or your pet isn’t breathing at all, it’s time to get them to the animal hospital quickly but safely. Likewise, it may be time to go if your pet doesn’t wake up or is unconscious.

Other emergencies can include vomiting or diarrhea for over 24 hours, vomiting blood, broken bones, something lodged in their throat, or when they have a seizure.


If your pet swallows a known toxin or if you’re unsure if it is toxic, you should go to your animal clinic immediately. Some things are known for being toxic to humans and pets, such as antifreeze. However, chocolate and other human foods can also be toxic, as well.

Emergency vets in Wicker Park are there to prevent further complications. Visit Village West Veterinary now for more information.

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