Knowing when Your Vehicle Might Require Brake Service in Indianapolis, IN

Nobody likes to think about the braking power of their vehicle being limited or reduced. This sort of problem can make it extremely hazardous to drive a vehicle. However, a decrease in braking power isn’t the only sign that there’s a problem with a vehicle’s braking system. In some cases, the number of miles that are on a vehicle or if the brakes are making strange noises can indicate a problem that could require professional Brake Service in Indianapolis IN.

When a person presses on the brake pedal and the brake pedal feels soft, or a person has to depress the brake pedal harder to slow the vehicle down, this is an obvious indication that there is something wrong with the brake system. In many instances, this can indicate low amounts of brake fluid, or it can indicate that air has gotten into the pressurized brake lines. This air in the system can prevent parts like the brake calipers from expanding and contracting and this will have an effect on braking power.

If a vehicle’s brakes are making noise, it could indicate a maintenance issue that would require Brake Service in Indianapolis IN. Metal on metal sound typically suggests that the brake pads have worn down to the point to where the metal backing of the brake pads is scraping against the vehicle’s rotors. Not only can this decrease braking power, but it can cause a significant amount of damage to the brake rotors. This means that the brake pads will have to be replaced and the rotors will likely need replacing as well. Sometimes a squealing comes from the brake pads. This is typically the wear indicator on the brake pads informing the driver that the brakes are beginning to wear thin and will need to be replaced.

While these aren’t the only potential brake issues, if you notice the brakes making noise or not working as well as they used to, it may be time to give your brake system a bit of attention. Even if your brakes aren’t acting up, if it has been a while since they’ve been inspected, it’s a good idea to have a professional look the system over to make sure everything is working well. If you need more information on braking problems or to schedule an appointment, you can call us.

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