3 Factors To Assess When Buying Replacement Pallet Wrapping Machines

Replacing an existing pallet wrapper in a packaging system can be a challenge if you are not completely sure of what you need both now as well as in the future. Often the assumption is made that replacing an existing system with a similar model is the right choice, but in a growing operation, this may actually limit your ability to increase packaging to meet your needs.

Before looking at any new pallet wrapping machines, it is a good idea to take a few minutes to complete a short exercise. This will assist you in determining the essential components required. Once this is established, it is then possible to look for the extra features and added extras that will enhance the equipment for a specific packaging line.

Pros and Cons of Current Equipment

Make a list of what is good about the current pallet wrappers on the system. These are the essential elements and functions that will also need to be on the replacement machine. At the same time, make a list of the possible issues in performance, capacity or functioning may have been a negative or a problem in operation.

These issues may have already been addressed with newer models, but it will give you an additional set of checks to verify before making a purchase.

Operation Capacity and Scale

For a packaging line where there is only one size of carton and pallet, and this is unlikely to change, ensuring current operation capacity and size is met by the pallet wrapping machines is all that is required. Companies adding lines or packaging multiple types of products will need to consider both extremes of the spectrum, including the smallest as well as the largest and heaviest items.

Budget Considerations

Once there is verification that the pallet wrapping machines under consideration meet all requirements, it is time to start comparing prices. Most quality manufacturers are going to be highly competitive with pricing, but be careful of low-cost equipment that may lack the reliability and durability required.

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