When Should You Replace Old Auto Batteries In Southgate Michigan?

Actually, Southgate is no different from the rest of the world when it comes to the life expectancy of the Auto Batteries In Southgate. If you car is powered by either a gasoline or diesel fuelled engine; the main job for the battery is to store the electrical power needed to crank up the engine and get it running – once the engine has fired up, it can run an alternator and generate its own electricity (some of which will be fed back into the battery and stored for future use). That store allows you to have lights, radio, automatic locking, etc functioning when the engine is not running. All in all, Auto Batteries In Southgate are an important part of motoring.

Types Of Car Batteries For Southgate MI

Electric cars may be the future but, for now, let’s stick to the older type of vehicle driven by some sort of internal combustion engine since these still form the majority of vehicles on our roads. For such automobiles, most of the Car Batteries In Southgate MI will be of the lead-acid type with six cells and a 12 volt rating. These batteries are of the shallow cycle; SLI type (which stands for starting, lighting and ignition). They are designed to give out a large burst of power for a short time (just as long as it takes to crank the engine over). The batteries that actually power vehicles are a different type altogether – even for something as basic as a golf buggy; let alone an electric car.

Additionally, your car battery can be of a type where you can open it at the top; both to top up the electrolyte with distilled water and to inspect the condition of each cell. This so called “flooded cell” type does require regular attention. The alternative is the valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, which is often referred to as a sealed battery. Sealed batteries are generally more expensive than flooded cell types but they do usually live up to their claim to be “maintenance free”; however, this also means that they cannot be internally tested or renovated.

So, How Long Do Car Batteries In Southgate MI Last?

This is similar to the trick question about “how long is a piece of string?” It all depends – how often do you use the battery? Do you ever overload it? How efficient is your charging system? If it is a flooded cell, have you been maintaining it regularly? How often do you drive long distances? There are so many variables and manufacturer’s warranties can be as short as six months or as long as three years. If you think you are having battery troubles; take it to a specialist like the Motor City Battery Company and request a life expectancy test.

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