The Art of Preparing & Decorating Cardboard Cake Boards

The art of preparing and decorating cardboard cake boards is interesting and exciting. Cake boards are used to hold and present a cake. When you have a cake board that enhances the cake, you have successfully make a cake board. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are preparing and decorating cardboard cake boards.

DIY Cardboard Cake Boards

If you are making a cake that is in the form of an odd shape, such as a heart, triangle, or any other shape that is not the traditional cake shape of a square or triangle, it can be a challenge to find cardboard cake boards in different shape. When times get tough, you can always make your own cake boards and cake cards. Another challenge you may face when you are trying to find cake boards is preparing a large cake. When you are making a big cake, it can be difficult to find a cake board that is large enough to hold your cake.

In order to make your own cardboard cake board, you need a thick piece of cardboard to cut to fit the cake you are preparing. In order to ensure the board fits your cake, measure the cake pans you will be using. Make sure you leave enough room for the cardboard to hold the cake, as well as a little of the cardboard left over to decorate to match the cake.

After you have cut your cardboard, use silver, gold, or any other color foil you would like to use for wrapping. The foil needs to cover the cardboard entirely. If you are not comfortable making your cardboard board free-hand, use something that is similar in size and use it as a stencil.

Decorating the Cardboard Cake Boards

When you are ready to decorate your cake board, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Decorating the cake board is not a requirement, but it makes the cake appear more professional.

One thing you can do is cover the board with fondant. It is a great effect to use fondant on your board, especially if your cake has fondant on it. The places on the board that are not covered by cake can be decorated with fondant.

Another thing you can do to decorate the board is use flowers. You can use whole flowers or flower petals to incorporate flowers on the board. If you choose to add more detail in your design on the board, you can pipe a few flowers to get the cake a more professional appearance.

If you are interested in more cake board ideas and tips, there are many different stores that can help you with your search, such as N.Y. Cake and other baking stores.

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