Injured in an Auto Accident? Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson

A person who is injured in a car crash can suffer painful symptoms for the rest of their life. Even though they may try every treatment available, they are never free from back pain. The pain may be so severe that they are never able to work again. If the car crash was caused by a negligent driver who was texting at the time of the accident, then the injured person is entitled to damages. He can use those damages to pay his medical bills, make up for lost income and to compensate for his pain and suffering. He should hire a Personal Injury Attorney Tucson to help him negotiate with the injured person’s insurance company for a fair settlement.

It can be very hard for an injured person to get a fair settlement from an insurance company. Doctors who work for the insurance company will work hard to show that the back pain isn’t as severe as the person says it is. They will find that he is able to work and should not be compensated for any more medical care or lost wages. His Personal Injury Attorney Tucson will know how to counter these claims. While the injured person focuses on his health, the lawyer will focus on his case. He will put together the information from the injured person’s doctors that support his position that he is in constant pain. The lawyer will make it clear to the insurance company that he is ready for trial, if they won’t treat his client fairly. Visit website for more details.

Insurance companies are more likely to settle a case out of court, when they see that an injured person is represented by an aggressive lawyer. A poor person may think that they can’t afford this kind of representation. The law understands this kind of situation. It allows an attorney to take a personal injury case on a contingency basis. The lawyer is paid a percentage of any settlement they win for their client. This allows the poorest person to take on an insurance company. Clausen Moore Law is one of the firms in Tucson that take cases on a contingency basis. They do not charge for the first meeting with an injured person.


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