How Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Deal With Your Case?

In the event you sustain an injury and the injury was caused by carelessness on the part of another, depending on the severity of the injury you may elect to sue for damages. If this is the case your biggest asset will be your personal injury lawyer Bronx, it is this legal professional that will negotiate to ensure that you receive the maximum award. It is critical that you make the decision to sue soon after the injury happened as there is a statute of limitations on making a claim. It is critical that you hire a lawyer early as all the details, no matter how insignificant they seem, are gathered, thus allowing the lawyer the opportunity to prepare and submitting the claim. Evidence that can be used to substantiate your claim can quickly disappear, it is important your lawyer can gather what evidence there is and interview any witnesses before they lose sight of what they saw.

When you first meet with a personal injury lawyer Bronx the discussion will center on the details of your injury and how it was sustained. It is important for the lawyer to determine that that the case will prosper in court in the event it should go that far. Personal injury lawyers spend many hours in courtrooms, in their career they have heard every protestation of innocence that that ever has been; in your case it is important that the injury genuinely was caused by negligence and that it can stand up to scrutiny by the court. As personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis you can expect them to be very brutal with their assessment of your case; you will be told right from the beginning whether your case has any chance of prospering or not as they do not want to waste your time or their own knowing full well that the chances of success are minimal. The lawyer wants to know in advance that the case has a good chance of ending up with you getting a substantial settlement as it is the settlement that forms the basis of the lawyer’s fee.

Once the lawyer has had an opportunity to hear the details of the injury and the cause and determines that there is a very strong case, the lawyer will begin building the case, gathering evidence which supports the claim of negligent behavior. In a personal injury case it is the injured party which must prove that the defendant did indeed act negligently and it was this negligence that resulted in your injury.

If you are the victim of what you see as a negligent act then you may want to consider discussing the situation with a personal injury lawyer in Bronx. You are invited to discuss your case with the lawyers at Ketover & Associates LLC; Attorneys at Law.

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