When is it Time for Water Heater Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ?

Not very many people think about their water heaters at all, as long as the hot water runs. But the day will come when cold showers are the only option. Or you may notice wet carpet seeping around the area where the water heater is located in a home. This is a good sign that it is time for Water Heater Replacement Queen Creek AZ. Repairing water heaters can be done, but the options must be weighed to determine if it is worth the expense to do so.

Most regular water takes last about ten to thirteen years. So, if it is an older tank, it’s best to go ahead and have it completely replaced. This will prevent the inevitable problems shortly down the road; plus, a customer can purchase a more energy efficient model and save money. This is due to the use of a foam insulation injection between the tank and its outer shell. This amount of energy savings can be significant. Water heaters are one of the largest consumers of electric or gas in a home and newer models can save hundreds of dollars.

A water heater should be able to attain temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees. However, deposits of scale from minerals will build-up over time inside the tank and on the heating elements. This is why it is a good idea to drain the tank every year or so. These minerals will cause the tank’s liner to wear out, and eventually it will leak. Once a leak has formed, the tank cannot be repaired, so it must be replaced. In addition, newer models have glass liners that protect the steel from corrosion.

The purchase and installation of a hot water tank can run from $500 to $1,500, depending on its size and energy rating. Tankless Water Heater Replacement Queen Creek AZ tend to run in the more expensive range, but provide instant hot water. Plus, they only heat as needed, and this saves energy. Before the installer gets to work, be sure to ask about all costs involved, including any adjustments that need to be made and supplies that will be used.

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