What You Should Know About Air Conditioning Replacement In Queen Creek, AZ

Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ is provided by several HVAC and repair services. This task consists of removing an old unit and disconnecting it from wiring systems. The new system is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The repair technician who performs the installation will evaluate the system after it is complete to ensure that it follows safety standards and HVAC guidelines. The technician will additionally ensure that it is wired correctly and fully operational before leaving the client’s home or business.

Freon Evaluation

Technicians are required to possess a specific certification to release from or add freon to an air-conditioning system. This requires that he or she complete a training course that provides them with instruction on how to release the gas without harming the environment. This skill set allows the technician to determine when freon levels are inadequate and may be the cause for an air-conditioning unit to operate improperly. It is the freon that provides cooling elements for an air-conditioning unit; and without proper freon levels, the system will not produce adequate cool air.

Matching the Wiring System

The wattage associated with an Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ unit must match the wiring within the home or business. By connecting a unit that is too powerful for the structure’s wiring it may produce a sudden and powerful energy surge. This surge may produce a fire in some cases. For instance, if the system runs on a 220 volt wiring system, the existing wiring must match this voltage, or it will not operate effectively. A 220 volt unit is far too powerful for a 110 volt wiring system. Your preferred technician should make this distinction before attempting the new installation.

Warranties and Service Contracts

Most new installations come with a warranty. You should establish the duration of this warranty in case issues should arise. Your service provider can verify the time allowance and terms of your warranty. This provider will also inform you of any possible service contracts. Some contracts may require a small fee for specific services. It is pertinent that you discuss these options with your provider before you enter a service contract.


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