Information About Vaccines In Rancho Palos Verdes

Immunizations are important for children and adults to prevent different types of illnesses. Some of these illnesses are contagious and without Vaccines Rancho Palos Verdes residents can spread the virus to other people. Many of theses illnesses can cause serious health problems and are life threatening. Below you’ll find information about vaccines and the importance of immunizations.

Q.) Why do my children need to be vaccinated?

A.) Without vaccines rancho palos verdes children are susceptible to many types of diseases. Vaccines protect your children from getting these diseases and from passing them to other members of your family and to other children. The immune system of a child isn’t as strong as the immune system of an adult, so children are at a higher risk for catching diseases.

Q.) Are there side effects from getting vaccines?

A.) Some people do have minor side effects after getting vaccinated, however the unpleasantness from the side effects are very small compared to actually getting the disease. The most common side effect from vaccines is soreness, itching or redness on your arm where the vaccine was given. Other side effects may include headache, fatigue and achy muscles.

Q.) Which vaccinations are important for adults?

A.) One of the most common vaccines rancho palos verdes residents get each year is a flu shot. Employees who work in health related fields, nursing homes and child care centers routinely get an annual flu shot due to the possibility of contracting influenza while at work. Many adults over 60 years of age choose to get a shingles vaccine. This virus, which is the same one that causes chickenpox, causes painful sores on your skin, which turns into blisters. Pneumonia vaccines are becoming more popular for adults because of the severe health complications that this infection can cause.

Q.) Where can my family go to get vaccinated?

A.) Today, it’s easier than ever to get Vaccines Rancho Palos Verdes residents can go to a participating pharmacy to get any type of immunization. You should call the pharmacy ahead of time to set up an appointment so you and your family can get the vaccines you need to stay healthy.

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