What To Consider Before Ordering Custom Ape Hanger Handlebars

Ordering custom ape hanger handlebars from a quality and reputable manufacturer provide a great looking addition to your bike. However, unlike a handlebar kit or a variation of a stock set from a dealer, custom handlebars have a lot more choices and options to consider.

Take some time to look around and find the style, height, and features you like. This will be helpful when looking for the custom manufacturers as you can often find the original manufacturer, making it easy to get just the handlebars you want.

General Checks

By knowing just the look, height, size and options you want in custom ape hanger handlebars, it will be easy to place your order with confidence. Just keep in mind that once ordered and the fabrication has begun, you will typically not have the option to change specific features. In addition, once the handlebars arrive, they have to be inspected and, if installed on the bike, they cannot be returned.

In general, most companies also have a specific number of days to cancel an order once it is placed. Take the time to read the company policy or give them a call and ask questions before placing the order.

Height Issues

There are two possible issues with custom ape hanger handlebars in regards to the actual height of the bars. Many jurisdictions have limitations on how height the ape hangers can be. This is for safety purposes as too high create the potential for easier loss of control of the bike due to rider position.

Another issue with the height is the problem some people have pain in the arms and shoulders or numbing of the hands. Ideally, try out a bike with ape hangers at the height you are considering to see if it is comfortable and if you have any pain or discomfort in your arms, back, shoulders or neck.

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