A Local SEO Agency Can Help You Build a Solid Local Online Presence

Local SEO services involve processes through which local businesses use online marketing methods to increase their visibility in search engine results, all centered around the local geography of the business. These services, if implemented properly, can be very high converting in nature. There are a number of services and techniques involved to maximize local search results. These can include link building, directory listing and management, on page optimization, reputation management, and more. A local SEO agency can implement these services and tactics to maximize the results for your business.

Local SEO results can be enhanced through the development of on-site content, offsite SEO efforts and the optimization of site structure and architecture.

Your local SEO efforts can depend significantly on the content you place on your website. Local optimization of your website can be enhanced by a local SEO agency in a number of ways, including:

 * Creating one website that promotes your business brand and each location it serves
 * Creating local website landing pages
 * Creating pages for each locality, i.e. each community, city, county, state, etc.
 * Creating substantive local pages that include description of unique services, local staff biographies, and local testimonials of customers

The content on your website needs to be relevant to your potential local audience. Google’s algorithms determine what shows up in the SERPs based on various factors. Your content should speak directly to your target audience and answer their questions in order to help them make a decision to choose you instead of your competitors.

Off-Site Local SEO
Effective implementation of off-site local SEO can also help your business rank high for local SCO terms. A quality local SEO agency can provide off-site tactics to enhance your business’s position in the search engines for local terms. A couple of these tactics include:

Creating a Google Plus Page
Adding a Google Plus page can help enhance your local organic search exposure efforts. This page can help your business show up in Google’s local organic results.

Adding NAP Citations (Name, Address and Phone Number)
The most preferred NAP citations may vary depending on your industry. In general you’ll want to have listings on localized and national business websites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Foursquare, BBB and others. Additional citations on supplier websites, online local newspapers, and possibly local Chamber of Commerce sites can also be helpful and give you additional recognition and authority in your industry.

Site Structure
Website architecture and site structure are important to having a solid foundation for your SEO efforts. If search engines can scan your site easily and verify that your link structure and site in general is optimized it can benefit your search engine marketing efforts.

An experienced and reliable local SEO agency can provide the above mentioned services and more to help you propel your business marketing efforts to the next level.

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