Helping You to Purchase Wholesale Tires in Illinois

Whenever you go to purchase a set of tires, or simply one tire, the main thing you might consider in speaking about the tire size is the rim size. You might say a “16” or an “18,” and you are only referring to the size of the rims. But, the tire is more than just the rim. If you will look at the various characters on the tire, you will begin to understand the other aspects of the tire. The first letter will refer to the type of tire it is. For example, the letter “P” on the tire will be referring to it as a passenger tire (versus a commercial vehicle tire). The numbers that follow afterwards refer to the tire’s width across the tread in millimeters.

Your car is only as good as the tires upon which it rolls. To some people, the tires don’t really matter, as long as they get them from point A to point B. To others, however, the brand and the quality make all the difference in the world. There is a dealer that offers quality Wholesale Tires in Illinois. The dealer wants you to know about the selection of a good tire and what the lettering means on the tire.

When it comes to selecting your tires, you want to be sure to keep them all the same. This is not a problem, of course, when you are buying a set of tires, but when you are purchasing only one or two, just a slight variation of that one tire from the others will compromise the integrity of your car’s ride. When one tire is different, the whole handle of the car in an emergency stopping situation, for example, may be thrown off.

Ben Tire Distributors has been in the tire business since 1925. They have six distribution warehouses, and can therefore ship your order anywhere at any time. Rather than paying retail pricing, they offer you the same tire you can buy at conventional tire centers at wholesale prices. They sell tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and commercial size tires for commercial vehicles. If you are looking to purchase Wholesale Tires in Illinois.

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