Straighten Your Teeth with “Invisible” Braces

There are many adults who have lived with their crooked teeth because they were too embarrassed to go through the process of wearing wire braces. If you have always wanted to learn more about braces but were afraid to ask, it is time to start a conversation with your dentist. The dentistry Cedar Rapids, IA dentists offer today has a new style of braces that are an excellent alternative to traditional wire. is a teeth straightening system using clear customized trays instead of the traditional metal wire braces.

Virtually Invisible

The reason Invisalign® is practically invisible is because they are made of clear BPA-free plastic. Instead of being affixed to your teeth like wire braces, the system uses custom made trays designed to fit to your teeth. The trays are removable and instead of requiring regular adjustments you actually just change the trays every few weeks. Each tray works to realign your teeth comfortably and gently until they finally are perfectly aligned for the smile you have always wanted.

Easy to use Aligners

Invisalign® uses aligners that do not require the same attention and maintenance of traditional braces. The entire process of teeth straightening using Invisalign® requires very few appointments. There is an initial appointment and your dentist will use a 3D image and imprints of your teeth to design your custom made aligners. Each tray or aligner is designed to progressively change your teeth to the new configuration of each tray. The trays will be prepared and once you pick them up you change them yourself at home every two weeks. You will not require the maintenance appointments traditional braces require. You only have to pop into your dentist every six weeks just to ensure things are progressing properly.

The Benefits of using Invisalign®

Invisalign® are removal so you can eat without them and also brush and floss without them. You won’t have to worry about having food caught in your braces and they are barely noticeable when you are wearing them. You require appointments every six weeks and Invisalign® is painless unlike wire braces which can be quite uncomfortable for your cheeks and tongue as well as during adjustments. Invisalign® is also quicker than metal wire braces, taking only a year on average. It can take longer for teens but the benefits far outweigh the time involved.

The newer modes of dentistry Cedar Rapids, IA dentists have to offer are far more effective and user friendly than the procedures of the past.

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