What is sedation dentistry?

There are people who have a terrible fear of visiting a dentist, there are also people who do go to the dentist but have a low threshold of pain. These people are candidates for sedation dentistry in Woodbury NY. There are different levels of sedation that the dentist can uses, anything from mild relaxation to deep relaxation and sleep.

The mildest form of sedation is simply taking a light tranquilizer prior to the visit to the dentist. This tranquilizing effect calms the patient’s nerves and imparts a feeling of comfort. As well as using sedation for those who are nervous or those with a low tolerance for pain, there are certain oral surgical procedures that will call for general anesthesia.

When a patient is placed under general anesthesia it may be necessary for this to be done under controlled conditions as the patient may need help with breathing. This is the most severe form of sedation; there are other forms which are milder which can be swallowed, ingested, injected or inhaled. These types of medications will not induce sleep but the patient will feel no pain or anxiety and usually will not have much in the way of recollection of the appointment.

One of the biggest benefits to sedation dentistry in Woodbury NY is that the dentist can perform significant amounts of work during a single appointment. If the work that is being done is fitting crowns for example; the entire work can completed during a single appointment.

Most people realize the need for dental care but for those who tend to be tense or feel pain, sedation dentistry is an ideal solution. There are also people who have involuntary jerks and movements; this type of dentistry is also ideal for this sector.

In most cases, as a patient you will need extra support from a family or friend as it may not be possible to drive home. This individual should ask the dentist if there are any specific instructions that should be passed to the patient once they are in full control.

As there are many ways in which sedation Dentistry In Woodbury NY, a discussion between you and the dentist will usually result in a method best suited for you, it will be necessary to provide the dentist with a brief medical history along with any medications that you take for other concerns.

If you have any reluctance to schedule a dental appointment perhaps sedation dentistry in Woodbury NY is idea. Contact the Jurim Dental Group, PLLC for a consultation and recommendations.


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