The Benefits of a Slow Juicer versus Standard Juicers

When you are in the market for a juicer it might be in your best interests to seek out a slow juicer. Slow juicers have many benefits over traditional juicers. You might not like the idea of a slow juicer as you can envision yourself waiting forever for your fresh juice, however the name is deceiving.

Slow Juicers are not slow
The name slow juicer implies it will take hours to get the juice you are preparing. However a slow juicer is so named not because they take longer but because they do operate differently than a standard juicer. The usual RPM’s of a juicer ranges from 1,000 all the way up to 24,000 whereas a slow juicer is only 80. Slow juicers also differ in wattage using an average of 150 watts compared to 1,500 of a standard juicer. This means they waste less energy.

Speed and Performance
It does sound like a slow juicer will not produce the juice you want as quickly or efficiently as a standard juicer. However a slow juicer is actually quicker than many standard models. They also produce more juice and less pulp. The slower RPM’s actually work the fruit or vegetables more effectively using an auger like process to remove the juice while maintaining the nutritional value of the food. The nutrients and enzymes that occur naturally in the fruits and vegetables remain intact during the slower process providing you with the nutritional benefits you desire from your fresh juices.

As the slow juicer is at work it will also maintain the phytonutrients which are vital to the essential ingredients of the fruits and vegetables. This is where all of the vitamins and minerals exist and the crushing and pressing action of slow juicers is far more successful at releasing the nutrients and enzymes of your raw fruits and vegetables.

Less Waste, More Vitamins
Another benefit to using a slow juicer is that you will see less waste. You will need close to half the amount of fruits and vegetables to produce the same amount of juice using a standard juicer due to the superior crushing ability of the slow juicer that removes every last drop of juice from the produce used. As well, there is less waste and more vitamins as slow juicers produce less heat which means less damage to the natural enzymes.

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