Keeping Your Information Confidential How a Client Should Choose Translation Services

For individuals as well as companies, many times going to a translator or a translation service company means entrusting them with confidential information. If this information is leaked, it can severely harm your business and your reputation. All companies initiate many projects which need to be kept confidential for a certain time period. Clients therefore want to hire the services of a translation company which they can trust t0 go to any lengths to protect their information.

With hackers always on the lookout to steal data from websites, any wrong move on the part of the translation service provider can lead to serious consequences. An analyst from the Baltimore translation house of The Marketing Analysts Translation Services company told us how careful they must be with the data provided by their clients because many clients, due to their past experiences with other translation vendors, have reservations about providing sensitive data related to their companies. As a rule, however, to insure confidentiality, translation memories or TM used by a service provider should be accessed only by the language translators of the company contracted for the job.

As a client you need to find out about how your hired translation service provider will protect your data from being leaked. Clients have the right to ask questions about the quality of services they will get. The Marketing Analysts translation service company, which has been serving their clients for over two decades, has established a close rapport with their clients because they take great pains to ensure the confidentiality and satisfaction of their customers. All information received from the clients is kept strictly confidential. As a long-established translation service company, TMA translators know that a small mistake can turn into a big one. Thus the security systems of TMA are continually updated, as there is always need for improvement.

Clients who have some unpleasant experiences with translation service providers in the past can trust TMA as a responsible translation service company. The Marketing Analysts translation service company ensures that clients’ requirements are met in every possible way says a Portuguese translator working for TMA. Language translators working for The Marketing Analysts are experienced and know the importance of keeping classified information of the customers to themselves.

“As a rule we a are very careful about the translation memory software our translators use. There is no way to reach our data outside the company. Only the translator who is assigned a translation project has reach to the concerned data of a client. We have never had any security breaches, as our system is fire-walled,” says an analyst working for the Boston translation house of The Marketing Analysts.



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