What is my old car worth?

So, you have decided it is time for a new car. And now you need to get rid of your old car. But what is it really worth? Because of sentimental attachment you may have an artificially inflated idea of the value of your old car. Take an honest, critical look at your car, and try to picture it as if you were buying – not selling. Are there door dings? Scratched paint? Tyres in good repair? When was the last time it had an oil change or a tune up? These are just a few of the things you need to consider when preparing to sell a used car. Also you can look at online resale shops or auctions and see what a similar vehicle is actually selling for. Probably not as much as you think.

Can you compete with professionals?

When you look online quite a lot of the cars are really being sold by car dealers, not individuals. They have the time and money to invest to get the car sales ready. Minor repairs, door dings, tune ups, tyres, and detailing can add up to almost the value of an older car. Are you ready to compete with professional car dealers? You may find it is worth looking into cash for cars in Gloucester.

How fast do you need to sell?

Before you decide to sell your car you need to think about how fast you want to sell it. Do you have the time to put in the repairs? After you list it for sale how long will you have to wait for a buyer? If you want to get your money quickly it may be a good idea to look for cash for cars in Gloucester. You can sell it quickly, many times the same day. And there are companies that will pick up your car and pay immediately. And if “time is money”, as they say, then selling quickly has to be worth something.

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