What is Numerology?

Throughout history we have sought guidance to help us lead our lives and try to understand the future. From tarot cards to astrology and crystal balls to palms there are have been many readings that we can pursue in order to learn more about ourselves and what is in store for us. Numerology uses numbers to determine everything from personality traits to relationship matches and your strengths and weaknesses to opportunities. Free Numerology Readings are often available and understanding the basis on which numerology is built will help you understand the process and how it works.

Historical Significance
Numerology has been used for thousands of years and originated in ancient Egypt and Babylonia. Mathematics has long been used by great minds to solve problems and project theories including Pythagoras of ancient Greece. You may be familiar with the Pythagorean theory and other theorems that are still used in mathematics today. All of these theorems were based on the strength of numbers and the science behind them. L. Dow Balliet was one of the many who reintroduced numerology to the modern world at the turn of the twentieth century. Since that time numerology has been used to help us find our way.

Calculations and Workings
Numerology works on the premise that everything in the universe has a frequency that vibrates. When numerology is applied you are able to tap into your personal frequencyand determine how it fits in with the rest of the universe. The frequency is what determines the important characteristics that are the main source of what makes you, you. Your number is found using simple math assigning numbers to your date of birth and your name. Single digits are used as the final number in the equations. Each letter has a number between 1 and 9. These numbers are added together and then the final number is broken down to determine your final number.

Once your numbers are aligned a numerologist can provide you with a reading that will describe your personality traits, you strengths and talents and even help you understand what jobs you should pursue and what numbers are best matched for friendships and love. You can find free numerology readings online to help you discover more about yourself and your place in the universe.

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