What Happens when Divorce Negotiatons Fail?

During divorce proceedings, many couples try to avoid litigation. Not only is it time consuming and costly, it often ends in hard feelings and can make the situation more difficult. When you hire a divorce attorney, this doesn’t mean you have to go to court. Everything can be handled between your attorney and your spouse’s attorney without ever needing to see a judge. However, for those who fail to agreeably negotiate then litigation is the next step. Divorce lawyers in Tampa can help you with litigation after failed negotiations.

Pre-Trial Preparations
Your attorney will have a good idea if your spouse is willing to negotiate and accept a proposed settlement. Even if divorce lawyers in Tampa don’t suspect that your spouse will fight the negotiations, they will still provide pre-trial preparations. This includes gathering bank account information and any details that would help you secure assets and possible child custody if that’s your wish. During the pre-trial preparation phase, your lawyer will require you to provide all types of information that will help to prove your case should you end up in court.

The Process of Divorce Litigation
A couple goes through litigation when one or both parties do not agree to the  settlement terms. In many cases, one spouse wants more financial support or does not want to provide the amount of financial support set forth during the negotiations. Child custody may also be an issue that must be settled in court, especially if one parent wants full custody or has concerns about the child visiting the other parent unsupervised.

Divorce lawyers in Tampa deal with all types of divorce cases and will have the knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of alimony, child support, and child custody issues. During the divorce proceedings a judge will hear from both sides and your attorneys will fight to ensure you get what you deserve. You will need to have proof that you deserve what you request, and your attorney will work closely with you to gather this proof and present it to the court. Child support and custody may be a separate court case because the process is different and requires more paperwork. However, your Tampa attorney can handle that case, as well.

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