Certified Service for your Home or Business Computers

Computers are a wonderful benefit to our daily lives. They can assist us with work and play, keep important files safe, and educate us on the world around us. But they can also be frustrating, confusing and end up contracting a virus or a bug. Sometimes they just start running slow for no reason at all, or maybe you want to learn more about possible upgrades for your computer so it runs even better! Contacting a trained computer service technician in Delray Beach with any computer questions you may have is a great way to diagnose or prevent any issues.

Data Recovery; Restoring Important Files

We rely on computers and external storage devices to store many important files for our work, photos from vacations or important milestones, and sensitive information. If you accidentally deleted some valuable files, important documents or irreplaceable photos you can relax knowing that in most cases they can be fully restored. Even if your hard drive no longer boots up properly, or has stopped working completely, data recovery experts can find and restore the files you need.

Spyware and Adware Removal; Preserving your Privacy

Sometimes while browsing the internet or downloading certain files or programs, your computer can pick up spyware and/or adware. These are not only extremely frustrating, but they can send your browsing history and personal files to a third party without your knowledge. Who knows what sort of trouble this can cause later on! Removing these annoyances can be next to impossible unless you know what you are looking for and how to proceed. Taking your computer to trained service experts ensures all adware and spyware will be removed from your system and any future browsing or files will be kept private.

General Troubleshooting and Repair

Every once in a while your computer might refuse to turn on, or you may need to press the power button a time or two before it turns on. In these cases, a technician will want to look at your power supply and connections. Perhaps an internal fan has stopped working and your computer is overheating, or maybe you hear something rattling around inside your computer tower which should not be moving. In cases like this, you want a knowledgeable computer service technician to open it up and take a look. It could be something as simple as securing a loose component or replacing a worn out fan. Not all computer issues are major, and getting minor things fixed now can save you time and money in the future.

When you need reliable computer service in Delray Beach, be sure to contact the experienced technicians at AUM Computers!

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