The Many Benefits Of Choosing A Compression Latch

When there is the need for more than just a door handle a compression latch is the perfect answer. These sleek, streamlined yet highly secure combinations of handles and latches won’t vibrate open and are easy to operate for doors and panels of all sizes and types.

The simplicity of the compression latch means this design is durable and long lasting and requires little in the way of maintenance even in heavy use areas. Unlike door handles and locks there are limited working parts with the latches so wear and tear is rarely an issue even in industrial applications or use in outdoor environments.

One important consideration for any compression latch is the type of handle used on the latch itself. A lift and turn model provides the benefit of the handle contained within a flush mount, ideal in areas where protruding handles are problematic. This also saves the need to add handles to the latch, making for a quick and easy install process.

The Importance of Compression

Compression is required in many different types of applications, most notably for electrical boxes and cases. The compression of the gasket on the compression latch has to meet the required standards and a variety of different latch sizes and options in compression will meet any specs required.

The benefit to using compression latches even when not strictly required by regulations is really twofold. First, they provide a very secure seal to the door at the point of the latch. This prevents dust and debris from getting into a poorly sealed door which is important in many industrial types of applications.

Secondly, the compression also prevents vibration and rattling. Compression latches may be used on motorized compartments on HVAC systems, on closures for heavy equipment cabs and doors and even for transportation equipment. With these types of applications the compression of the gasket allows the door to be securely locked, preventing the noise associated with other types of handles.

Options to Consider

There are various types of options with any size of compression latch to accommodate for different uses. They can be designed to open with a special tool, which is important for security reasons, or through the use of a key.

Different sizes in compression latch designs work with different sized doors and levels of compression required. With the versatility and options in this hardware it is no wonder they are used in such a wide range of industrial applications.

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