What Do Near Death Experiences And The Bible Mean For A Believer?

Literally, the Bible mentions heaven 550 between the Old and New Testaments. With so much talk about the afterlife, that must mean that it is a pivotal talking point among the believers that are counting on going to heaven once their time on earth is done. It was the great once atheist turned Christian, C.S. Lewis that once stated that he was a spiritual being having an earthly experience. If believers have this great desire to go to heaven, it is no wonder that some research what near death experiences and the bible have to say about life after death.

If you have ever been to a funeral of someone that devoted their life to the teaching and living according to what the Bible illustrates for their life, you may hear a common Bible verse. There are very special words that a Christian longs to hear once they have passed through the pearly gates and get to meet their savior face to face. The famous verse is Matthew 25:23 which says well done, good and faithful servant.

Living the life of a Christian does not mean going to church on Sundays and occasionally reading your Bible. Through the 66 books of the Bible there are clear and distinct invitations as how to live your life in order that you may see heaven and life with God when you die. To look at near death experiences and the bible will clear up any confusion as to what happens to a person depending as to how they live their life here on earth.

The interesting thing here is that there is one epistle, James to be exact, in which he is giving a grand invitation to experience life after death but it is actually talking to those people who are already self-proclaimed believers in God and Jesus. This poses a problem because if you believe, don’t you already know you are going to heaven? With this thought in mind it is good to think about another verse that clearly says to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Yet another verse talks about the path to heaven being narrow. Near death experiences in the Bible may mean yet another invitation for a believer to review their invitation to make sure they have accepted properly.

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