What Can You Bring to a Recycling Center in CT?

Recycling is an important part of taking care of the earth and going green. So many people want to recycle but they aren’t always sure how. When it’s time to head to the Recycling Center CT residents often wonder exactly what they can and can’t bring to the facility. No one wants to show up with a lot of stuff that can’t be recycled.

Household Items

There are certain well-known items that can be taken to a recycling center. Aluminum cans, pieces of cardboard, and even white paper can be brought in. In order to make things a little more convenient, families can set up a separate container for these items. Once the container is full, it’s time to head to the recycling center to turn them in.

Auto Parts

When they think about a Recycling Center in CT residents often know about the items above that can be turned in. However, they may not know that auto parts are perfect for recycling. When a part is replaced, the old part can be recycled in several different ways. Sometimes it can be fixed and reused in a different vehicle. Sometimes the actual material that was used to make the auto part can be recycled. Before tossing those things out, consider bringing them to a nearby center. Click Here to find a location near you.


It seems like things are always changing when it comes to technology. There’s always a newer model that comes with different features and people are eager to upgrade. So what happens to the older technology? Many of the pieces can be recycled. Much like auto parts, sometimes the item or parts of the item can be reused in a new or similar model. Sometimes it is just the material that the technology is made of that can be recycled. Don’t just toss it out.

If you have household items, auto parts, or even electronics that you aren’t using and want to get rid of, consider bringing them to Business Name. In addition to getting them out of your house, you are also able to do something responsible to help the environment. Recycling and reusing certain items can reduce waste considerably.

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