Make Your Pet A Promise Of No Rawhide Bones

People that love their dogs love to choose healthy, safe food, treats and chew bones for their pets. They often go out of their way to find a particular brand of dog food and perhaps even make their own dog treats so they can precisely control just what is going into the ingredients.

If you are one of these amazing dog owners, there is one more change you may need to make. This is to commit to yourself and your pet that you will only buy no rawhide bones.

The Rawhide Reality

Vets and animal nutritionists are very clear that no rawhide bones are the best option for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. While it is true that the risk of serious health issues of consuming rawhide bones is low, it is still there.

To understand the potential issues of feeding rawhide to chew bones to your dog, consider the following issues:

 * Digestive upset – rawhide will remain in the digestive tract for well over 24 hours. This slows down other digestive functions and can lead to upset stomachs for puppies, adult, and senior dogs.

 * Digestive obstructions – when larger chunks of rawhide are swallowed whole, they swell up and become sodden masses in the digestive tract. A large enough piece can cause a blockage that will make the dog sick and possibly even require surgery to prevent life-threatening health risk.

 * Contaminants – in the past, there have been recalls of rawhide chew bones and toys imported from other countries. Chemicals used in the processing of the inner layer of hide are not always correctly removed causing health issues, but the dog chews can also contain salmonella and other bacteria.

Choosing no rawhide bones that are made in a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified facility can eliminate these problems. The no rawhide products are tasty, healthy and safe so that dogs can enjoy them without the risks of rawhide.

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