What to Expect from Commercial Packing Services in Fort Worth

If moving to a new home can be stressful, planning to move an entire business to a new location can be downright awful. Just about all commercial businesses have large amounts of furniture, equipment, and machinery that will need to be moved in addition to any unsold inventory, which often includes fragile, oversized, heavy, and specialty items. It should thus come as no surprise that the majority of business owners choose to hire packing services in Fort Worth with the intent of both helping the move go smoothly and ensuring that no merchandise or equipment is damaged in the process.

Those who have never worked with a professional packing company may not know exactly what to expect, though. They can read on to find out what kinds of services these companies offer and what to expect on moving day.

Taking Inventory

The first step that a commercial packing company will take is to head over in person to take inventory of what will have to be packed and what will be required to do it safely. Large items, heavy equipment, and fragile or heat-sensitive machinery will all have to be packed using specialty equipment such as custom crates, while successfully moving inventory will often require the use of pallets. Packing companies have access to all of the specialty equipment required to move just about anything safely, including expensive machinery and even live animals.

Evaluating the Building

Many commercial buildings have difficult to navigate areas such as hallways, stairwells, and elevators. These must be taken into account by packing services in Fort Worth before moving day, as it is sometimes necessary to make special accommodations for exceptionally large or unwieldy items. It’s always best to have a detailed plan in place in advance, as this will prevent unnecessary complications on the day of the move.

Custom Crating

Most companies offer on-site custom crating services for fragile items. These may include smaller objects such as art, mirrors, chandeliers, and antiques or larger items such as industrial machines, manufacturing equipment, or even helicopters, depending on the business. On-site crating offers the best possible solution to packing and moving these items successfully, as there is less risk of damage, so check out Crate Master online to get started today.

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