What Are Sub Metering Water Services?

If, an owner of any multifamily dwelling, you plan to switch over to a tenant paid meter system, you do have a few options. If a central system has always been in place, you may want to consider one of the more convenient and reliable methods of saving your apartment management company money. You can choose a form of customized ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) or, if possible, opt for sub metering water services.

What Is Sub Metering?

Sub metering is one method of dividing the water bills equitably among the users. It provides individual meters for each of the units. This system allows any owner or manager of a multi-tenant property to bill individual tenants for their own water usage. In other words, the onus to pay the water bills is shifted from the owner of the units to the individual tenants who inhabit them and actually use the water.

What to Consider When Hiring Sub Meter Water Services

If you decide sub metering is possible, you need to look at what management services are available. Carefully analyze what each company offers. See if they provide

 * Installation services
 * Maintenance – ongoing and annually
 * Repair services

These cut down on having several companies or service providers handling the demands of your sub metering system. Companies that combine installation, maintenance and repair are always welcome. It reduces phone calls to a minimum and ensure the meters are continuously responsive, reliable and in ideal running condition.

If the company you hire for installation also does the billing, you are combining several functions. This creates a single body for you to work with. It makes it easier for any owner and tenant. At the same time, an owner must take are to ensure the sub metering water company he or she hires is capable of delivering all that it covers in a timely, responsible, responsive, effective and efficient manner.

For both tenants and owners, it is essential the company gather any pertinent information concerning water usage, and how it may pertain to reduction. At the same time, it is important that the water management company has a system that can help detect leaks as well as other potential maintenance and water usage issues. This will prove beneficial to all involved.

Sub Metering Water Systems

If you plan to switch over to a tenant-based system, you do have a few options. One of the more common is installing sub meters. This system is capable of supplying everyone with his or her own bill. It is also capable of reducing the amount of water wasted every day due to leaks and abuse. The system can prove to be invaluable for everyone. It will all depend upon the owner choosing the right sub metering water Management Company to install, maintain and manage.

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