Money-Saving Tips For Hiring A Fuel Oil Company In Quincy MA

Many home owners are switching to heating oil because it’s safer and more cost-efficient than other methods of heating. The key to saving money is to find the right fuel oil compay in Quincy MA, to service the unit regularly. One of the first aspects to assess is the company’s overall reputation and customer service rates. While product quality is important, customer service is an equally important part of the process, especially since most companies require a contract. No customer wants to be in a contract with a business that has poor customer service.

Heating oil customers should always look for a company that offers its customers an automated delivery system for their heating fuel needs. Automatic delivery will give home owners peace of mind. Metro Energy (also known as M&T Oil Company, Inc.) is one fuel oil company that offers computerized delivery of heating oil. These electronic system are based on degree days. Degree days are a calculated measurement that reflects the home owner’s demand for energy to heat a building. These computerized methods remove the stress from home owners and cut out middle-man methods of communication.

It’s equally important for customers to inspect the business’s contract agreement and how maintenance and repairs fit into their contract. The company should offer regular maintenance and repair services to the unit. For example, one trap home owners fall into is that some companies only offer free maintenance on units they install themselves. This means existing units in the home may not receive free maintenance services. These matters need to be discussed before signing an agreement with a heating company.

If asked, a fuel oil compay in Quincy MA, might even inspect the residence to find the home owner more ways to save money. This could be anything from a consultation about better insulating the residence to general tips about energy efficiency. For example, home owners can save approximately 10% on their monthly bills if they turn down the thermostat by five to ten degrees while they are out working. Other ways to save money include moving furniture that could be blocking the heating unit and obstructing the heat’s movement throughout the residence.

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