During Sprinkler Repair in Spokane, Technicians Can Modify the System’s Output

What do residential irrigation technicians and recreational airline pilots have in common? Both recommend focusing activity in the early and later parts of the day. Casual pilots know that the middle part of the day tends to be windier than times closer to dawn and dusk. That’s one reason residential irrigation systems shouldn’t be run in late morning or the middle of the afternoon. Another factor involving sprinkler systems is that sunshine causes faster evaporation of the water. When the water can slowly soak into the ground, it’s more helpful for the grass and other plants. Technicians who do residential irrigation installation and sprinkler repair in Spokane can provide other tips on how to run the system most effectively.

Residential irrigation technicians from a company such as Spokane Pro Care encourage their clients to run the sprinklers early in the morning instead of before evening if possible. Although it should be done early enough so that sunshine doesn’t burn off the water, that sunshine is beneficial for preventing mildew and fungus from developing. Grass that sits in a wet state all night every night or every other night is a breeding ground for those substances. That’s especially true because the air tends to be warmer in the evening after the sun shines all day, compared with cooler air first thing in the morning.

Technicians who do Sprinkler Repair in Spokane may adjust the system if they believe some modifications should be made. For instance, they may notice that a sprinkler head shoots water toward a fence that may not have been there when the system was installed. Slight ground settling can cause changes in functioning that call for modifications. The homeowner may even have called because results have not been optimum. The system may have been set up to water clay soil too often or sandy soil too infrequently, for example. Some parts of the lawn may be getting too much water while other areas are becoming dry. An area that used to be shady but has since lost a big tree can lead to dry grass. All these types of problems can be resolved.

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