Ways To Economize When Moving Home

Moving at the best of time is an expensive proposition, there are many things where scrimping is not possible but there are a few things that you can do that may help keep the moving costs reasonable. Many people are of the opinion that local moving companies in Philadelphia are more expensive than hiring a truck and making the move yourself. You may be surprised when you take into account the number of people you will have to find to help, the distance you have to move and the cost of fuel for the truck and it is even worse if the truck is not returned to the same depot it was rented from. Once you consider these issues, you probably will agree that hiring professionals is the way to go. Even if this is the case, here are a few things that you can do to keep the costs in line.

* Shrink the load: get rid of everything that you do not need, start life in your new home unencumbered with all the junk that has collected around your present home. Have a garage sale, give books to the local library and get in touch with charities that are more than happy to take you useful but unwanted stuff. It’s simple; less weight equals less cost.

* Off season move: If it’s possible, arrange to move when nobody else is. Moving during the school summer holidays will cost more than other months because of the competition for trucks and people. Don’t move during the first and last weeks of any month either, pick the middle of the month to get a better quote.

* Show flexibility: Ask the local moving companies in Philadelphia if they will offer a reduced rate if you agree to the move being made to their schedule rather than yours. If there is a time window in your move out and move in dates, try to take advantage of it.

* Immediate move in: Make sure that you or a representative is at the new home when the movers arrive and make sure that you have the payment ready as well. If your movers have to wait for you to arrive they may charge in-transit storage fees if they have to put your possessions in storage, even over night.

By disclosing everything that has to be moved and helping yourself to reduce the load your move will be less costly and very successful.

When you begin looking at local moving companies in Philadelphia we suggest that you include Superior Moving & Storage, Inc. on your list. The company will provide a free estimate and there are no hidden fees.

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