How Your Family Dentistry in La Grange, KY Can Take Care of Surface Cavities

Success in the modern world largely depends on appearance. Approaching a new person may sometimes need quite a smile, but it does not need to be flawless. However, many people do not take that chance. That is why it is so urgent that you take care of tooth decay on the front teeth before it becomes a serious problem. If you are suffering from tooth decay, schedule an appointment with your local Family Dentistry in La Grange, KY today.

Development of this disease contributes to several factors. First, the cause of tooth decay is related to poor hygiene and the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Secondly, considerable importance points to genetic predisposition. Often times, cavities on and between the teeth occur while wearing braces, and this is why dentists preach oral hygiene.

Anterior cavities, as well as all other types, are very serious. At the initial stage, you may experience slight pain. A cavity may be noticeable, especially if it is from the lingual or palatal surface of the tooth. With progression, severe pain may appear more rapidly. On the tooth’s surface, a cavity will form and a dark spot will then be visible.

This type of decay is characterized by very rapid development, in connection with the anatomical features of anterior teeth. In addition, the inner surface of the teeth is often accumulated with plaque. At untimely removal of it condenses to form a stone. If this area is not cleared in full, the stone continues to accumulate, and beneath it begins to form cavities. These are determined during professional teeth cleaning.

Cavities should be treated in the earliest stages. Like any other treatment, the process begins with anesthesia. Cavity preparation is necessary, especially because the pulp chamber is very close to the tooth surface. This is one area the dentist wants to stay away from, if possible. After preparation of the cavity is carried out, filling materials are applied. It is important to carefully polish the seal.

Primarily cavity prevention comes in the form of proper oral hygiene. It is very important to clean the entire surface of the teeth, focusing on the inner part of the tooth row. Dental floss is perfect for cleaning the inter-dental spaces. This removes accumulated plaque and food debris. In addition, you can use an irrigator. For more information on cavity prevention and treatment, contact your local Family Dentistry in La Grange, KY today.


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