Not your average nose piercing jewelry – a look at unusual materials

Rather than boring old stainless steel or multi-colored titanium, why not choose something a bit more unusual when it comes to nose piercing jewelry?  14k gold is a natural metal which is safe to insert into the body and it’s also incredibly durable.

Why choose gold?

Gold nose piercing jewelry has an incredible sparkle when the light hits it. 14k gold is a durable metal that won’t irritate skin and because it’s natural, it’s safe to insert into your body. Because it’s so high-quality and durable, gold body jewelry can last a lifetime, so spending a bit more on your perfect piece of body jewelry is totally justifiable!

Customize for a unique look

You’ll find a wide range of gold body jewelry to buy online, but make sure you choose a reputable website. You’ll find websites offering customizable gold body jewelry where you can choose the style and gauge of the shaft, the metal (yellow or white gold) and the style of the top. From sparkly flowers to colored gems or a simple shape such as a triangle or a moon, there are plenty of different types of nose piercing jewelry to suit all tastes. You could even choose rose gold jewelry for a really unusual look – rose gold is set to be a top jewelry trend for 2014 so you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd!

Spending a bit more on yellow, white or rose gold body jewelry is a great move – not only is it more unusual than stainless steel or titanium, it’s also more feminine. Investing in several high-quality pieces of gold body jewelry means you’ll have a range of choices and won’t risk irritation or infection from wearing cheaper metals. Think outside the box and try something different from your usual body jewelry this year.

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