The Tasty Delicacies At Seafood Restaurants In Cincinnati

If you love to dine out and eat seafood, you probably look for the best Seafood Restaurants in Cincinnati. Fresh, tasty seafood combined with a pleasurable dining experience is a treat for everyone. Below you’ll discover some of the tasty delicacies that seafood restaurants have to offer.
A true seafood restaurant would not be complete without a raw bar. A raw bar offers scrumptious fresh, icy cold seafood that you can enjoy with a glass of wine. The most popular items you’ll find include large Chesapeake Bay oysters and blue points on the half shell. You can also savor jumbo shrimp cocktail dipped in a spicy sauce and rich, sweet Alaskan king crab leg. Before your meal, enjoy delicious seafood appetizers such as crab cakes, calamari or squid and mussels from Prince Edward Island. For your main entree, you may choose scallops, lobster tail, salmon, Chilean sea bass or yellow fin tuna. For something different, you can order pasta dishes made with shrimp or mussels.

A combination seafood and steak entree such as prime steak and lobster tail is also popular at the best seafood restaurants. You must also partake in a fresh side salad and the soup of the day. When ordering, don’t forget to order a side dish or two to complete your meal. You can choose from delicious sides such as potato wedges, grilled asparagus, roasted mushrooms, creamed spinach and five cheese macaroni. The menus at Seafood Restaurants in Cincinnati even offer wine suggestions for your appetizers and entrees. The perfect wine can make your meal even more enjoyable and tasty.

A seafood restaurant that offers private dining is the perfect meeting place for corporate gatherings, weddings and reunions. Many seafood restaurants are packed with customers, especially on the weekends, so you should call ahead to make your reservation. If you’re planning a large gathering, make sure that you call the restaurant several weeks in advance to reserve your private dining area.

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