Ways Of Dealing With Concrete Issues in Kalamazoo

It’s only a matter of time before the concrete around your home begins to crumble. Dealing with faulty cement can be a huge hassle and very frustrating for homeowners. Homeowners have to deal with concrete that cracks, shifts, sinks, chips, and so forth. In order to solve these problems you’ll have to decide whether it’s best to make repairs or have certain areas replaced altogether. Let’s take a look at a couple of solutions you can take advantage of.

Foundations made up of Concrete in Kalamazoo have been known to shift. Shifting is often due to the poor condition of the soil around the concrete. If the surrounding soil receives too much water, or not enough water, it can cause the concrete to move and crack. Thankfully, this shifting process typically happens very slowly, and if caught it time the problem can be remedied.

Small repairs like hairline fractures can be fixed with patching cement or cement mortar. Patching cement isn’t like the regular cement you find at the hardware store. Regular cement tends to dry out too fast and doesn’t provide adequate support after it sets. However, patching cement has special synthetic additives that give the mixture enough time to thoroughly set and dry, which allows it to provide more support to the surrounding concrete. Cement mortar is an adhesive made up of cement, water, sand, and lime. This mixture sticks to hardened cement very well and gives it the support it needs.

Sometimes patching Concrete in Kalamazoo just won’t do. For instance, mortar and cement patching isn’t enough when it comes to sunken slabs of concrete. Areas in slabs generally sink and cause a dip because of eroding soil underneath that area. Without adequate support the concrete can’t stay intact. In this case, mudjacking or polyurethane are used in order to lift the sunken area. Both methods consist of drilling small holes in the slab and pumping a mixture underneath it. Because of the special tools needs for this process, homeowners will need to call a professional like Peterman Concrete in order to do this. Depending on the condition of the sunken area shouldn’t take anymore than a few hours to complete the process.

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