Waterproof a Basement in Westford, MA to Eliminate Moisture Problems

For many homeowners, a basement is like bonus space. An unfinished basement offers untold opportunities for expansion. Unfortunately, some basements have a moisture problem. This can result from building the home over a high water table, improper drainage around the house, and numerous other possibilities. The only way to eliminate your moisture problem is to properly Waterproof a Basement in Westford MA. This may be a larger challenge than you realize, depending on why moisture is developing in the space. For instance, if the walls are made from cinder blocks, the moisture may be seeping in around the mortar. If the walls are made from formed concrete, the moisture could be seeping in through a void in the wall, stress cracks, or at the seams.

Some basement moisture problems can be stopped through the use of water barriers, but most problems require more extensive repairs. When water leaks into the basement and builds up along the floors you may need to install a French drain. This is a gravity-based drainage trench placed around the outer edges of the basement. It is formed so one point is lower than the rest to allow water to drain into a sump. As the water is collected, the sump turns on and pumps the water outside. Sump systems must be designed so the water can drain into the yard and away from the home. Attempting to drain a sump into the local sewage system could potentially overload the sewer lines and is illegal in most municipalities.

Small cracks are generally the easiest to repair. However, it should be determined if the cracks are caused by external stress. Due to the nature of the product, concrete can develop tiny cracks as it cures. These cracks can be sealed. Larger cracks are often an indication of foundation problems, which should be checked before you attempt any repairs. Once you are sure the foundation is okay, you can consider waterproofing. Be certain you understand exactly what is causing the moisture because waterproofing may only mask the symptoms. If you think it’s time to Waterproof a Basement in Westford MA, be sure to consult Drycrete Waterproofing.

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