Contact A Waterproofing Contractor In Brookline MA For A Healthier Environment

Water in a basement can cause an unhealthy environment in a home due to mold and other gases entering from the soil. A waterproofing contractor in Brookline MA can improve the structure and air environment in a home by correcting the water problem. Hydrostatic pressure can build against the walls of a foundation during a significant rainfall.

Gutter problems can also lead to excessive water pressure against the walls of a basement. Downspouts should also flow at least six feet away from a building so the water does not affect the foundation. If the grading around a building is sloped towards the home, additional water pressure will cause cracks in the foundation walls and excessive moisture.

What Can Waterproofing Fix?

When a building has water problems in the basement musty odors, mold, allergies, and respiratory ailments can easily develop. All of these problems can be eliminated with Waterproofing contractor in Brookline MA. Buckets and pumps in the basement can be eliminated and moisture can be eliminated forever.

Free Estimate

An owner can receive a free estimate for the work that needs to be performed in their home or business. A thorough inspection will be performed of the foundation and surrounding area outside. After the inspection, the estimate will be thoroughly explained to the owner.

Bowing Walls

If the basement has bowed walls, they will need to be repaired, so the structural integrity of a building remains intact. In order to straighten walls of a foundation, I-beams will have to be installed along the bowed wall. The beams are placed about five feet apart and are mounted on the floor.

The beams will be bolted to the floor and will become a permanent brace for the wall. This type of bracing is used when the walls are just beginning to bow. If the walls are severely bowed, this method will be used, but a hydraulic jack will be used to straighten the walls before the beams are installed.

If you want to secure the foundation of your building and improve the air quality, contact Drycrete Waterproofing. They have years of experience repairing and waterproofing foundations.