Tips for Preventing Your Water Mains Arlington, VA Piping from Freezing

Winter can wreak havoc on your pipes. And if your water mains are frozen, you can expect even more problems in the cold weather. Here are some tips from your water mains Arlington, VA experts to help prevent freezing in your pipes so you can make it through the winter without major damage to your plumbing system.

Insulating Exposed Pipes

One of the most effective methods for preventing pipes from freezing is to insulate any exposed pipes around your home. You can simply wrap them with towels and blankets to help insulate them from the cold. There are also supplies you can purchase from your local home improvement store designed to insulate the pipes to keep them from freezing. Be sure to cover the joints and valves as well for best results.

Eliminate the Drafts in Your Home

Inspect your home for drafts so you can eliminate them effectively. Some of the more common sources of drafts include vents, windows, crawlspaces and around your doors. Make sure your doors and windows are closed as tightly as possible and if you have any cracked or broken windows, be sure to repair them. You can also cover your windows with plastic to keep the cold air from coming in during the winter. You should also apply caulk around the edges of your doors and windows to keep drafts to a minimum. Eliminating drafts will also help you save money on your heating bills during the winter.

Disconnect the Outdoor Hoses

If you have hoses outside, it’s important to drain them and disconnect them before the winter months arrive. If you keep them connected, there can be moisture in the hose and the spigot that will freeze in the frigid weather. That can make it easier for your water mains Arlington, VA piping to freeze and cause some major problems in your plumbing system. Coil the hose and store it away in a safe place to ensure it will be in good shape when you hook it back up in the springtime.

Run the Water Periodically

One of the reasons that the water in pipes freezes is because it just sits there for long periods of time. Flowing water doesn’t freeze as easily as water that is just sitting in one place. If you want to prevent freezing, allow your water to trickle through a couple faucets every so often. Be sure to use cold water so you aren’t wasting money to heat it just so it can run down the drain.

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