Obtaining Veneers Through Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Long Island

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are placed on the outside of visible teeth to correct issues like gaps, discoloration, etc. Made out of porcelain, ceramic or composite materials, veneers can transform almost any smile. Combining this procedure with routine maintenance and daily hygiene, your smile can be perfect once again. Your local cosmetic dentist in Long Island can help you decide if this is the right procedure for you.

Preparatory measures

After the preliminary analysis, the teeth are professionally cleaned and possibly new fillings must be used. Then the patient is x-rayed to make sure that the teeth are healthy inside. Teeth discoloration comprises of a color analysis of the neighboring teeth, which will help dentists obtain a perfect tooth image later. The teeth can also be whitened as well.

The treatment is usually divided into two steps. First, the teeth in question are anesthetized locally and abraded with a diamond drill. Approximately 0.3 to 0.7 mm of the surface is worn down. The treated teeth must have an impression taken. From this, a model made of plaster and wax is created, which helps the dentist look at various options. Then the veneers are manufactured in a laboratory by a dental technician. In the meantime, the patient wears temporary plastic shells. With the direct method, the veneers are made by the dentist and mounted immediately in a single session.

Inserting the veneers

After about two weeks, the all-ceramic shells produced in the laboratory are attached with a special plastic glue on the outer tooth surfaces. Before the dentist reviews the appropriate color and shape of the veneers. The veneer is cleaned prior to insertion, washed with water and then coated with a special adhesive. To set the teeth dry, they are encompassed with a latex sheet, called a rubber dam. The teeth are treated with phosphorous acid for a few seconds and then rinsed with water.

The prepared tooth surface is now covered with a thin adhesive layer. The neighboring teeth are protected by thin strips prior to contact with the composite. The glue hardens by lighting a special lamp, which helps the dentist position the veneer properly. The application of veneers takes about 30 minutes. Contact your local Cosmetic dentist in Long Island for more information.

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