Water Softeners in Ocala, FL: Three Unseen Negative Effects of Hard Water

Water softeners work by conditioning your water with sodium ions to remove the calcium and magnesium that make the water hard. No one likes to have hard water, but many people are still on the fence about whether a water softener is a worthy investment for their home. Though you may be familiar with the visible effects of hard water (such as stained glassware and clothing), but hard water also causes some issues that only become evident upon further investigation.

Clogged Pipes

When you have hard water flowing into your home, you’re more like to experience lime scale deposits and build-up in your pipes and water heater. This makes it difficult for water to flow into your home properly and causes your water heater to perform less efficiently or even become damaged or broken. This, in turn, drives up the cost of your water heating and maintenance bills. Unfortunately, you’ll be spending even more money if you have to replace your water heater as a result of hard water problems.

Household Appliances

Hard water corrodes and damages the pipes, hoses, drums, and pumps that connect to the household appliances that use water. Not only can hard water affect things like the icemaker in your freezer, but it can damage washing machines as well. This increased risk of damage not only means higher repair and replacement costs, but it also can lead to even greater damage to your home due to flooding caused by machine breakdowns.

Spending More Money

Appliance repair and maintenance aren’t the only things you’ll be spending money on when you have hard water. Because hard water reduces the effectiveness of soap, you’ll have to use more shampoo when washing your hair and more detergent when washing your clothes. Hard water can also cause skin dryness and exacerbate skin issues like eczema, which could also mean spending more money on products or doctor’s visits for those who suffer from such conditions.

Water Softeners in Ocala, FL are an essential investment for every home. Those who try to save money by not installing a water softener may find themselves spending even more trying to counteract the negative effects of hard water. When you’re ready to get rid of your hard water issues, call EcoWater Systems. It could mean the difference between constantly worrying about costly damages and repairs and maintaining a safe, happy home


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