Locks, Stocks and Burglar Proof Barrels

One of the most famous locksmiths of all time has to be Jeremiah Chubb. In 1818 Chubb was trying to improve the ‘lever tumbler’ lock, which was originally perfected by Robert Barron. However, what Chubb did was to make the lock so that it would only open with an individually cut key that would fit only that lock. This came after the British government ran a competition after a burglary at a dock yard in Portsmouth. They wanted something burglar proof that could not be compromised in the event of a robbery.

Chubb went into business with his brother Charles in 1820, opening their own lock company. Jeremiah kept on improving his locks, making tweaks and changes to perfect it even further. He worked on the detector lock within which he incorporated his integral security feature of an anti-tamper lock. The lock was cleverly designed to alert the owner to any interference and along with this he was actually awarded One hundred pounds because a professional lock picker was unable to pick the lock after three months.

Modern Locks

owadays, because of Chubb and other locksmiths there are most varieties of lock on the market. The pin tumbler lock is a lock that is based on the old Egyptian model whereby the lock will not open unless the right key is inserted correctly. The wafer tumbler is very similar to the pin tumbler, but each wafer is one single piece as opposed to two pieces, as seen in the pin lock. Other examples are the ‘warded lock’ which employs a line of obstructive barrels that only respond when the proper key is inserted. This type of lock is very similar to the ‘Yale’ style barrel locks that are popular in front doors in the United Kingdom. If you take a look at your front door key you will note the series of ‘waves’ instead of teeth and those waves need to fit the lock exactly for it to open.

Every day, locksmiths in Rugby and every other city in the United Kingdom are called out in an emergency because someone shut the front door behind them without remembering to bring their keys. Consequently they can’t get back inside because they have an alarm system so they call an expert.

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