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For most, at one time or another, individuals have injured their foot at least once in their lifetime. Foot and ankle injuries are the most common type of injury reported every year. Sports athletes and runners are most prone to rolling or twisting an ankle where children are prone to stubbing their toes and construction workers are vulnerable to an overall foot injury. There are two main types of foot and ankle injuries. These injuries include:

* Acute Injuries-

These types of injuries occur from direct blows, a piercing injury, a fall or simply twisting or bending the foot in an unusual way. Pain can be sudden and often severe. The most common way to tell if there has been an injury aside from pain is by looking for swelling and/or bruising.

* Overuse Injuries-

Injuries occur when there has been too much stress on the joint or ligament. This is often caused by consistent overuse of an activity or repeating the same type of stance or activity over and over again.

When an injury occurs it is important to not hold off getting treatment of a professional. Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates with Neuropathy Treatments in Plainfield IL, specialize in many types of injuries as well as skin conditions of the foot. These specialities services pertaining to:

* Ankle Injuries

Fractures and sprains from a fall or running.

* Athletic Injuries

Most commonly caused by not wearing the correct type of shoe when performing the activity.

* Gout

A type of arthritis that is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the bloodstream. It presents itself most in the base of the large toe joint.

* Ingrown Toenails

When the nail itself finds its way into digging into the skin of the toe, it becomes infected. It often leads to pus and smells from the toes making it impossible for the nail itself to grow any further without doing more harm to the toe.

* Achilles Tendinitis

An inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This leads to pain when walking and bending the foot. Most commonly found in active athletes.

Neuropathy Treatments in Plainfield IL, are here to help others by getting back on their feet in a healthy, professional manner!

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