Take Pet Boarding to the Next Level with Luxury Kennel Services

Want to give your pet the best vacation they’ve ever had, while you are on the best vacation of your life? It’s understandable to be concerned about your furry loved one when you go away, but now you can get the best of both worlds with luxury kennel programs.

What exactly is “luxury” for a pet?
Well, at K9 Resorts, we offer a dynamic range of services, housing options, and fun activities for your dog. Our luxury hotel is suited for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and dispositions. Whether your dog loves to be social or just wants a nice, quiet place to relax for a few days, there are plenty of ways your pet can enjoy a luxury kennel.

Suites and Rooms
If your dog needs a lot of room, or if you are boarding multiple dogs at once, you might benefit from a luxury suite or executive rooms. These rooms come in 8’x8’ or 5’x7’, respectively. They are great opportunities for your pets to have a space of their own, free of noise or stress, while you enjoy your vacation.

They will be treated with a variety of care services including food and playtime options, the best toys, and daily walks so they don’t miss out on their fun.

Traditional Kennels Can Still Be Classy
Interested in more traditional dog boarding? You can still take advantage of luxury kennel services! In a traditional cage, your dog will have enough room to relax and have space to themselves. This is an affordable option that still guarantees the best safety, health, and playtime for your furry friends.

Additional Programs
Not only will your dog have the vacation of a lifetime, but you also have the opportunity to invest in some much-deserved services for them, such as:

  • Professional grooming
  • Professional veterinarian services
  • Professional training
  • And much more!

No matter the needs of your pets, they are promised to have an enjoyable stay at a luxury pet hotel like K9 Resorts. After boarding with us, you’ll never look at traditional kennels the same way again!

Choose Luxury for Your Next Vacation
When you go away for an extended period, your pet doesn’t have to suffer. They are invited to stay at our luxury hotel with professional kennel services and a wide range of programs for them to enjoy. Take advantage of our daycare options too! For more information, contact our Pennsylvania office at (215) 398-7870).

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