Utilize an Animal Hospital that Provides Many Veterinarian Services

When you’re choosing an animal hospital in Norridge for your pet, it’s important that they offer a plethora of veterinarian services. Whether you own a cat, dog, rabbit, pocket pet or other type of animal you want to make sure the vet you choose can take great care of them. Your pet needs more than just regular health examinations. While a regular examination is important and should be scheduled regularly, your pet may also require other types of care to keep them healthy. A veterinary clinic that strives to provide updated veterinary services, as well as emergency services, is the perfect choice.

It All Starts with a Regular Health Examination

You want to be able to detect medical problems in your pet as early as possible. This is why regular health examinations are vital. A periodic checkup can also reassure you that your pet has no serious health problems. It is always a good idea to start preventative care when your pet is either a kitten or puppy. This goes a long way in ensuring they lead a happy and healthy life as your companion grows older.

Use a Vet that Provides Laboratory Services

When your vet has an in-house laboratory you are assured accurate and immediate results. The kind of lab work they will be able to give you information for includes blood counts, electrolyte panels, assorted chemistry panels, cytology, urinalysis, and individual chemistry testing. You may also find an in-house lab is able to screen for Parvo, Giardia, FELV/FIV, heartworms, and parasite and pancreatic screening. It is an added benefit when a veterinarian clinic also offers ultrasound and radiographic diagnostics. These diagnostic tools are painless and noninvasive. They are used to study your pet’s skeletal systems and internal organs without surgery. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic for more details.

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