Understanding the Need for a Tamper Evident Seal

A good tamper evident seal is a device that will provide clear signs of tampering, in the event of unauthorized access to the object that is being sealed. This could be a trailer door, a container or a storage unit. Security Seals are available in hundreds of different designs, and are typically made from plastic or metal.

Different characteristics and features of the security seal will be important to different applications, but one shared priority of any security seals, regardless of application, is that the security seal must be designed to provide clear signs of tampering if tampered with.

Understanding Tampering
Tampering is considered to have occurred when a security seal shows signs of tampering, in the form of abrasion that shows someone has tried to pry open the seal.
When a tamper evident seal is broken, the quality of a product may be jeopardized or contaminated.  While no single solution is completely tamper-proof, enlisting several levels of security can help provide peace of mind to those trying to keep their supply chain and merchandise safe.

Assessing Your Need for Tamper Proof Seals
Businesses and companies considering tamper evident seals as a security measure should first consider the level of protection needed for their location or product.  Since these types of seals can be an added budgetary expense, it is important to be sure that there’s a need for such measures within your specific industry.  Taking time to research the types of threats that your industry is prone to, as well as to compare the types of security measures your competitors have in place can be an efficient way to determine your need for a tamper proof seal system.

At Mega Fortris, we understand that different industries and businesses have different security needs, and we strive to understand each customer’s individual concerns.

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