Tips on Temporary Stopping Leaking Water until a Plumber in Westchester, NY can Make Permanent Repairs

Very often when the plumbing in a home begins to leak, it can happen during a time when locating a Plumber in Westchester, NY is difficult, such as after hours, weekends or holidays. While a homeowner may be able to find a plumber during these off-hours, sometimes it is difficult to accomplish. In such situations, it can be helpful if a homeowner knows a few basic steps to try to stop the problem on a temporary basis. Visit website for more information.

One of the first things the homeowner will want to do is stop the flow of water to the pipes. This can generally be done quickly by switching off a shut-off valve near the area of the leak. Most shut-off valves are located under faucets or behind the toilet. If this does not stop the water from flowing, the homeowner may need to turn the water off to the home at the main shut off valve.

This valve is often located near the water meter or at the edge of the property near the street. These valves may require a wrench or other type of tool to turn them off. If the homeowner is unable to turn this valve off, they may want to contact the utility company in the area who provides water to the home. They often have emergency crews who can turn the water off to the home quickly.

Once the water is off, if the wait for a Plumber in Westchester, NY will be substantial, the homeowner may want to perform a temporary repair to the leaky pipe. The first thing they will need to do is determine where the water is leaking from. This can be difficult as water tends to travel and so it will often take a bit of work to follow the leak to its source. If the leak is located at the joint of pipes, tightening the couplings at the joints may be able to stop the flow of water.

If there is a crack or other type of damage to the pipes, they may need to consider buying a plumbing repair kit at a local hardware store to fix the problem. Some kits have a rubber pad, which is placed over the damage and held in place with a metal clamp. This can often fix the problem until a professional company, like Cassidy Plumbing, can make permanent repairs.

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