Company Shirt Embroidery in Bonner Springs

Many companies and organizations make t-shirts with logos and designs using screen printing. The problem with screen printing is that the paint does eventually lose color, crack, or wash off. Why not try Embroidery in Bonner Springs, instead? The logo and designs are sewn into the shirt using thread. The design will last years. Here’s how the process works if you choose to use a professional embroidery company, such as House of Apparel.

Choose the Material

You can send the company your own shirts to embroider. This is a good idea if you want to save a little money and have access to cheaper shirts. Many companies provide their own shirts. This is also a good idea because the company knows what shirts work best for embroidering for a nice long-lasting finish. Now is the time to decide where the logo or design will go on the shirt. Do you want a small logo above the heart or a large one on the back?

Create the Design

You might already have a company logo you want on the shirt, or maybe you only have a printed image that you’d like embroidered on the shirt. Either way, the company can create it for you. They have graphic designers that can transform images into designs perfect for embroidery. They will start by sketching the image black and white. They will then add colors based on the maximum number of colors you want. You will see the final result and give the OK to head to the sewing room.

Sew the Design

Professional embroidery companies in Bonner Springs use high-tech sewing machines. These fancy embroidery machines connect to a computer. Your design is uploaded in specific software and then the software sends the information to the machine. The sewing needless then recreate the design on the shirt. This process is fast and doesn’t require any hand sewing. That saves you lots of money as opposed to hiring something to make each shirt using a smaller sewing machine.

Embroidered shirts are easy to care for, too. Just toss them in the wash. Since the shirts will last much longer than screen print shirts, you’ll feel it was money well spent.

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