Screen Print in Olathe is Just One of Many Ways to Customize Apparel

Patches, emblems, logos, and insignias are just some of the ways that groups identify members and display pride. Businesses present a neat, professional look when employees wear clothing that includes a company logo. Screen printed apparel is popular, and when customers choose screen print in Olathe, they work with professionals who help them get the look they want. These experts offer customers a choice of options, including:

EMBROIDERY: Sports teams and other groups who need logos added to caps typically choose embroidery. Headwear often has a seam which makes it hard to screen print them. When corporations are searching for a classic, professional look, they will often choose a small, unique, embroidered design for company apparel.

SCREEN PRINTING: Customers who are adding larger images will typically use screen printing, since embroidery might gather fabric. Embroidery also tends to feel heavier, and is often more expensive than screen printing, for larger areas. Screen printing provides softer-feeling results. This is because the ink that is used actually soaks into fabric, becoming part of it.

HEAT SUBLIMATION: When customers are deciding on a process, professionals, such as the design experts at business name, will work with them. Often they will suggest heat, or dye, sublimation for very detailed designs. This process allows experts to create designs in a vast array of colors, since they actually dye the polyester materials they use. The method is often recommended when customers want high gloss, vibrant colors. It is the best choice when garments include people’s images or they want especially life-life results.

APPLIQUES: When embroidery designs are large, they are often applied using an applique. A custom design is applied to a piece of fabric, instead of embroidering directly onto apparel. This applique can be created with 100% polyester fabric and thread, and can be made in any size. Applique’s include heat seal backing and a sewn-on border. Many companies choose applique’s for uniforms, jerseys, bags, and patches.

Groups and businesses can create a unique brand as well as a uniform look by adding custom logos to member apparel. Design professionals can work with them, to choose the best type of application for their needs.

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